Sol Casino: Free Spins for Canadians!

Sol Casino is an online place for challenged ones, opened for all players since 2018. We have a lot of games there: table, Slots, Live Casino and a lot more for you to enjoy gambling everywhere you would like to. You will see the very atmosphere of Ancient Egypt, You will taste it during your journey, lead by your ambitions and Lady Luck. There is something for you to try, too: free spins, which can be spent in all Sol Casino slots. Are you ready to start?…

As the Great Pharaoh Says, Golden Sand is already spread. Sometimes people find its glittering, sometimes they catch it into their hands. They start their journey every day and spread their caravans into lots of slots in Sol Casino. With free spins you will get more opportunities to catch a jackpot, or to have huge payouts, so why not get them into your account?

What is a Free Spin in Sol Casino CA?

A spin itself is one turn in every slot, even in an offline or online. In Sol Casino you will find a lot of slots to spin and to enjoy with.

As it may be understood by the name, free spin is a free turn. Free spins are a lot desirable ones due to huge opportunities they give to players. Free spins may be internal and external ones, and most internal free spins can be activated by one or several combinations with wilds, or special symbols. In-game free spins have a lot of additional bonuses, multipliers and other opportunities to win more than usual. You can find most popular variants of slots with free spins in Sol Casino.

Free spins may be also external ones for all registered and verified members of Sol Casino Club. External free spins are those that you can get as a bonus for some reasons. They can be given for having more fun and to get started with the endless, exciting and interesting process of gambling in Sol Casino.

How to get free spins on Sol Casino Canada

There are several ways to get external free spins in Sol Casino. Let’s learn more about it.

First way is called welcome bonus (sign up bonus), and that’s the easiest way to get a lot of free spins. To get this bonus you are to go through registration process, and to verify your account. After these easy and typical operations you will be offered to get your first deposit there, and, moreover, to get your free spins with it. Remember: Sol Casino gives you free spins after first, second, third fourth and fifth deposits to let you challenge longer and to become more excited. Golden Sand will spread just into your hands!

Second way is to follow our Promotions. Some challenges have free spin prizes for all active, challenged members of our club. In other words, you just play, challenge, get your points and has an additional chance to play more. And that sounds great for all, who seeks for the Fortune and her guilty, but huge treasures! Try your luck now, and be blessed by Egyptian Gods to win.

Third way is also reachable for all seekers of treasures. We, Sol Casino Canada, offer you tournaments for your joy. Some of them are live, some are slot based, but, as a result, some lucky players can get free spins for their full excitement. Stay challenged, and you will get your free spins.

Two more opportunities. You can also get your free spins for some deposit sums, for your promo code from email – that’s why we strongly recommend you not to drop them off after receiving: they may contain special offers and free spins for you. As you may see there are a lot of opportunities to get free spins and to have fun with Sol Casino, so we strongly recommend you to try your luck online with these huge, nice bonuses in best slots ever!

How and where I can spend it?

That’s the question that is frequently asked by all new members of our club. Go on, further, and we will tell you, how you can spend your free spins, earned in Sol Casino.

First, you should go to the Slots menu. Do you see these endless, challenging and exciting previews of slot games? There we are. The golden sand, known as Free Spins, is to be fully spent there. Remember: all free spins you’ve earned can be spent only in Slots menu for getting additional turns during your journey.

Second, find a slot that you want to play now. There is a lot to choose from, so be careful about what you want to play in before you start the game. Look thoroughly and see all themed slots to choose the ones that are well-known, good for you, or just the ones you;d like to try this time. Go through the list slowly and carefully – and then click the one that suits you well. After this you are to launch it and see the greeting animation of the chosen slot game.

As a rule, after this step our system will offer you to use your free spins after this operation. Click the following button, and you will see free spins animation. You can even get a huge payout in case Lady Luck will be going to follow you that time. Enjoy your exciting, great, endless and cool journey with Sol Casino Slots and Sol Casino bonuses!

Rules and Regulations

Due to our Rules and Regulations Free Spins (FS) are free turns that may be used only in our Slots Menu. Free Spins may not be used to have an advantage during the tournament or promotion as well. All free spins given to you are your own ones and cannot be given to anyone.

Remember: all free spins (except some gained by high-privileged ones) has their time to be spent. As usual, there are three days to spend all free spins you gained after a special event, tournament or promotion. We strongly recommend you to remember this rule and to spend your bonuses in a due time.

All the terms and regulations about free spins and other bonuses can be found on our information web pages. You can learn more about it any time you would like to.

The Golden Sand is spread, the journey, that never ends, is going to begin. Do you see yourself sitting just in front of it? Try your luck with the name of Ancient Egyptian Gods and Sol Casino right now!