Sol Casino Bonus for Canadians: tournaments and promotions 24/7!

Sol Casino Canada is an online casino, exists since 2018. Sol Casino is a known and trusted website for gamblers all over the world, with video games, slots, roulette, card games and live casino. It has promotions, tournaments and bonuses for members of Sol Casino Club. Sol Casino is known for its everyday activities – open and closed events (based on member’s level of privilege).

A lot of players takes part in Sol Casino actions and has their bonuses every day. There are weekday and holiday variants for talented and interested gamblers to play in and to win.

Actions in Sol Casino CA

All of us likes to play and to gain bonuses. Moreover, most people like to play with the knowledge of greater prize in the top, of a huge jackpot awaiting the most lucky one. Sol Casino prefers and greets the most lucky and challenged members of its club who gamble and take part in different activities – and gives them all additional chance to have huge jackpot in some games. Why not play with greater opportunities to win?

You’d rather tell that it is impossible to have even a try in it. Fortunately, it isn’t an unreachable thing, and we are going to tell you more: Sol Casino always cooperates with main game designers, which makes the best casino games ever, and we can always offer you a lot of actions to participate in. As a result, you can always play them and have the great opportunity to win more than usual.

Most promotions, open and closed ones (available for people with high privilege level) are themed ones, related to special dates or periods, so you won’t suffer from being bored during the competitions. Moreover, there are special bonuses in some of them (read more in current actions for further information). All of them are really challenging and has a huge jackpot at the top. Sol Casino recommends you to see and to participate in these promotions. We think this all is worth trying even for once!

How to take part

There’s always gold sand in your shoes. There’s always a chance to take part and to win in every promotion. But what to do in case you want to participate in this journey to the jackpot?

First, read all the promotion thoroughly and learn all about its terms. You will see the jackpot, terms, goals and also games you can play to take part in this action. Then you are ready to take a try. As usual, most events are slot-based so you won’t have troubles to start the game and to enjoy it as much as you would like to.

Second, some events are automatic (with fixed odds and minimum deposits to get a prize ticket to join the lottery), whereas others will ask you to confirm your participation. Moreover, some of them will show you needed goals to take part and to join the list of participants.

Tournaments in Sol Casino Canada: play and enjoy!

Sol Casino is the place where you can have your endless journey and do your best any time you want to. Moreover, we offer you juicy tournaments to have a real challenge with real opponents. Sum this up with the best slots and live casino games, and you will know why Sol Casino Tournaments are that much popular among gamblers.

Tournaments on weekdays

As usual, there are two variants to participate in during weekdays: Hot Sands and Pharaoh’s Live, both start on every Monday and end on every Thursday (Hot Sands) and Friday (Pharaoh’s Live). Both of them are interesting, entertaining and enjoyable – that’s why we strongly recommend you to try it. You just play your favourite games from the list with better opportunities and bigger jackpot. Why not try your luck and why not try to summon Lady Luck right into your hands?

Hot Sands is a slot tournament. You are free to choose one or several games to play, to bet and to challenge with other players. Your strategy is quite easy: to bet and to get as many points as you can – and best 20 players will have prizes as well. Try your luck, enjoy and do your best in Sol Casino Tournament every week!

Pharaoh’s live is a live tournament. What does it mean? That’s easy: during this tournament you will have challenge with real players and real croupiers. Sounds interesting and exciting, isn’t it?

But it is. Just imagine: you will see real, 4K dealers sitting near you and waiting for your bet, and also you will see other players doing their best to become first in this tournament. Yes, you will enjoy it from the very beginning to the last turn. Let’s see what you really can, and how skilled you are in gambling during Pharaoh’s live.

Tournaments on holidays

There’s one, but huge and interesting tournament on holidays, which starts from Friday and lasts till the end of Sunday. Quite long, but interesting and cool enough to participate in.

Aladdin’s Lamp is ready to entertain you – and to let you win more than usual. This tournament is also a slot tournament. During it you will be able to try your luck, to bet and to get and accumulate your points after every winning combination. Top 30 players of this tournament will get free spins to enjoy our games for more. In other words, the luckier you are, the more is the chance to become a top player. Release the magic of Aladdin’s Lamp with this Sol Casino Tournament!

Sol Casino Actions Terms and Conditions

Due to Sol Casino Terms and Conditions participants are to play with real bets to have points for all these tournaments mentioned. That means that all types of bonuses, cashback and free spins won’t be counted as your tournament points. All our members are to have equal opportunities to win – that’s why all of them can take part in tournament this way.

All rules and prizes are mentioned in tournaments’ and actions’ rules. Rules and regulations may be changed by organisators without prior notice. Real all the rules thoroughly: all current Rules are displayed directly on our website.

Be ready to have challenge in Sol Casino with our promotions and tournaments – and start your journey to the first place right now!